it's an audiobook!

WHAT IF READERS COULD HEAR those Thai words and accents (Canadian, Thai, British & Australian) pronounced the way they’re supposed to be heard? What if all those lines that lean into poetry and rhythm and twenty-something wistfulness were captured for the ear? These are just some of the wonderful things about I Have Something to Tell You being available as an audiobook.

I’m so so thrilled about the launch of my memoir’s audiobook on Audible. In fact, I think there’s a chance my book was meant to be listened to all along, and I absolutely love the narration by professional voice artist Leslie Howard.

Covering so many accents and ages was certainly a tall order and she pulled it off flawlessly. Most of all, she understood what my twenty-something self needed to say, and she gave a beautiful voice to that girl and this story.

If this is your first foray into the world of audiobooks, good news! Your first book on is free! Listen to the sample, and give it a try. Your support means so so much!!